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Sunday, February 5, 2012

February-the month of fish and dragons

Happy Spring, Everyone!

I know, I's not technically Spring and in fact for most people, February is the month of the winter doldrums. For me, February represents fresh starts and the beginning of change. It's my birthday month and that means that I'm a Piesces. I'm not a huge follower of astrology, but I do think there is something to the idea that there is a plan brewing in the cosmos. So what do I do every year on my birthday? I take a trip to the beach where I feel most connected to my true nature. I love feeling the sand beneath my feet and the sun on my face, and hearing the crash of waves on the shore. There is something about the vastness of the ocean that makes me feel small and yet infinitely loved by my creator. My yearly sojourn to the beach in February is a time of reflection and renewal for me.

Not only am I a water baby who loves the beach, I'm also born under the sign of the Dragon, according to the Chinese zodiac. Dragons are auspicious creatures known for their strength, courage, and transformative abilities. 2012 is the year of the dragon, which means there will be a lot of changes coming our way. Most people are fearful of change, but us dragons welcome it. We love the surprises that await us around the corner and look forward to facing challenges with fire and fortitude.

This month, I'll be continuing my blog tour (check the calendar page of my website for locations and topics). I'm putting the finishing touches on SAVAGE CINDERELLA (once I get it back from the editor), and I'm happy to say, I've started working on the first book in my Dystopian Trilogy, THE CHRONICLES OF LILLY CARMICHAEL. I haven't titled the first book yet, so I'd love some help with that if anyone has any great ideas.

The premise is that the year is 2048, and three quarters of the population has been wiped out by a virus. Lilly and her brother Zephron have survived and are hiding out in the Northeast sector with their uncle and are trying to avoid capture from an agency called the Industry. Why, you ask? Lilly and her brother were born of an experiment that took place during the plague, when the government was trying to create children who would be resistant to the virus. Lilly's mother was the lead scientist on the project and had great success with Lilly. But the experiment went terribly wrong with Zeph and Dr. Carmichael died in childbirth. Now the government is rounding up these Gen-1 and Gen-2 children and bringing them to the Western desert where they are never seen again. Lilly has spent most of her 16 years protecting Zeph and hiding her gift. But in order to survive in this new world, she may have to come out of hiding and show the world exactly who she is.

Submit your ideas for a title for Book 1, and if I choose your suggestion, you'll win a signed copy of each of my books, HEAVEN IS FOR HEROES, ON THIN ICE, AND SAVAGE CINDERELLA due out next month. You have until the end of March to submit your suggestions.

Thanks for your help! Oh yeah, Book 1 takes place over the summer where the weather is steamy hot and extreme. There has been a polar shift that creates brutal winters and tropical summers, so keep that in mind when you're thinking of the title.

And try going to the beach on one of these beautiful February days. You won't regret it, and you'll see that Spring is right around the corner.