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Friday, December 14, 2012

Last Weekend on Earth

It's almost mid-December, and with the coming end to the Mayan Calendar drawing near, my friends and I over at the WG2E Street team were asking ourselves, "What would we do if this was our Last Weekend on Earth? Since I write Dystopian these days, I've given this a bit of thought. As an author, I can honestly say that there's nothing I'd rather be doing at the end than escaping into a good book.

So in honor of the impending "shift," I'm here with you to share some great books. And to get you started, I'm giving away FREE e-copies of my short story prequel to WANING MOON, called SOUL REDEMPTION. Just leave your comment below including a valid e-mail address so I can send you your copy (name/email (dot)com ). If you could also click on the "join this site" button to your right, you can get monthly updates about what's new in my writing life and keep tabs on my whereabouts...providing we're still all here...just sayin'. The "hop" runs from Friday Dec. 14-Sunday, Dec.16th. Some participants are on Pacific time, so if you don't see their posts up, be sure to stop back.

Just in case you want to stock up on books and music for the weekend, stop by the sites listed below, and be sure to sign up for our Rafflecopter prize of a $35 i-Tunes gift card. The more you help us spread the word, the more chances you have to win! a Rafflecopter giveaway

To find more blogs about how some of your favorite thriller and fantasy authors would spend their "Last Weekend on Earth," or a related topic, try these.

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You'll find some fabulous fun reads along the way, all for under $5. As a matter of fact, WANING MOON is available now for only $2.99! AMAZON, B&N or SMASHWORDS I hope you'll pick up your copy today.

Book trailer for Waning Moon:

As a public service to my readers, I thought I'd use this opportunity to share my Apocalypse Survival Strategies.

Apocalypse Survival Steps
1) Find a clean source of water
2) Build or find shelter
3) Scavenge for food
4) Hoard useful materials and items
5) Collect containers
6) Band with others
7) Master fire
8) Create or find tools
9) Fashion weapons
10) Learn to trap
11) Know how to fight
12) Have a plan
13) Escape into a good book

Any tips I missed? Feel free to share your survival strategies below. Have a lovely weekend:-)


  1. 14) Solar powered charger for e-reader!

    1. Excellent idea! Putting it on the list...

  2. Good tips, PJ! I have some fashionable weapons but am not sure I can fashion weapons. It'd better buy a book on how to do that!

    1. If you can learn the principles of adapting, improvising, and overcoming, you'll figure it out. I have no doubt you'll be looking great while you're doing it! But an instruction manual would be helpful:-)

  3. Great survival tips, PJ! I plan to spend time with my family this weekend and reading. I've been purchasing prepper books, Tamara - let me know if you need a good recommendation. ;-)

    1. It's my Dh's birthday tomorrow, so celebration always good. I do plan on a small get together and bonfire for the solstice on the 21st. That should be interesting.

  4. Good survival tips! I've been a low-grade suburban prepper for most of my life. People need to be aware of how to get prepared.

    1. Hi Anna, I'm always amazed at how unprepared people are for emergency situations. As extreme weather becomes more of a problem, I suspect that will change. Thanks for stopping by. I've added your site to our list:-)

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  6. I'd call these life tips. Live it everyday no matter what.

  7. Absolutely, Sandy. I live by the Boy Scout motto of "be prepared."

  8. Great survival tips, Paula! I would definitely have to rely on my hubby if the Zombie apocalypse hit!

  9. LOL. Me too, Stacy, although he'd be lost in the garage trying to devise some kind of trap while I was running for the shotgun. Engineers are all about looking at the long term solution:-)